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Endless Tones of Beauty for Hair and Skin

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10% of proceeds from all sales are donated to the following Non-Profit to fight social injustice & sex trafficking:

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At our company, we pride ourselves on exceptional quality. From the initial concept to the final product, our attention to detail is second to none. In an ever-evolving industry, Halcyon Restore has set the bar for innovation and delivery. Explore our site and see for yourself - we love our work and we’re sure you will, too.

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Halcyon Restores 
"Radiance 2 Step Formula"
Hair Growth/Softner

Our ALL NATURAL 2-Step Hair Growth/Softener promotes a healthy scalp, which is the basis of healthy hair, strenghthens, thickens and softens all hair types. 


Our all natural ingredients include Thyne Essential Oil, Jojobo oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Emu Oil, Sweet Almont Oil, Amega 3 and 6, Soy Bean Protein, Gingko Biloba Extract, Geranium Extract, Calendula Extract, St John Wort Extract, Aloe Vera Extract and a unique blend of Argan oil from Marocco with other natural ingredients which IMPROVES overall hair and scalp health as it prevents further loss and promotes faster, thicker and fuller hair

How to use:


Step 1 - Using our Step 1 vial, warm and add to hair and place a shower cap over your hair (we provide you with a FREE shower cap) while you take a warm shower for 10+ minutes. Halcyon Restores Hair Growth/Softener prevents hair loss, promotes hair growth, and increase hair shine. Massage scalp for 10 to 20 minutes with fingers then wash/condition hair. 

Step 2:  After hair is fully dry, very lightly spray hair with vial #2 for shine and hair health while brushing into hair for several minutes.

Our essential oils penetrate into the roots, repairs, improves hair loss and makes hair smooth. It has a nourishing effect which helps hair follicles eliminate toxins, dredges hair follicles, and improves scalp environment.


Halcyon Restores
Skin/Body Oil

Halcyon Restores
Hand/Feet  Cream

Halcyon Restore’s NATURAL MOISTURIZER is free of any fillers and additives, 100% Pure, filtered and never tested on animals and cruelty-free.


Made with premium therapeutic grade Sweet Almond, Avocado and other essential oils directly derived from nature  and contain NO Parabens, SLS, Petroleum or Artificial Fragrances, our Oils promote hydration and nourish dry, damaged skin.


Halcyon Restores Oils are naturally infused with natural vitamins A, B1, B2, D, E, and Beta Carotene, CocoJojo oil and 100% natural pure cold pressed Avocado oil Grade A. These are all the fundamental elements your body needs to rejuvenate - especially for younger looking, healthier skin.  


Our Oils also boast surprisingly high amounts of Vitamin C, which is needed for the creation of elastin and collagen, and tocopherol (Vitamin E).


Once you use our Skin Oils, you too will realize softer, smoother and younger looking skin 

Enriched with 50% organic Ivory shea butter, our super-creamy formula penetrates quickly to help moisturize and protect hands and feet. Avocado Oil with a touch of Coconut Oil blend together with our Shea Butter for richness that leaves hands and feet soft and comfortable without any oily traces.


Ultra-hydrating, lightweight and fast-absorbing hand/foot cream. With Ivory Shea Butter and Avocado Oil, our cream boasts a high amount of vitamin C which is essential for elastin and collagen and Tocopherol (Vitamin E) which promotes a protective action on the skin barrier for soft, hydrated and delicately scented hands.


Rapid relief for dry, cracked feet and hands, Non-toxic, no artificial colors, preservatives, petroleum, mineral Oil, Paraben-SLS and Fragrance Free, Cruelty Free, 100% pure plant based and derive from a Vegan Vegetarian Formula to assist with healing. Reinforces the natural skin defenses and reduces skin erythema. You'll feel good about using this treatment on your skin.

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